Spirit Days!



Tuesday, 10/23 – Wednesday, 10/31.

This Year’s Theme: Life is A Journey, Travel Drug Free

As part of this week, all of our students are invited to participate in Spirit Days to celebrate our choice to be DRUG FREE


Tuesday, 10/23 - Wear RED

'RED'y to live a DRUG FREE life!


Wednesday, 10/24 Neon Day

Be SMART about drugs so your future is BRIGHT!


Thursday, 10/25 - Hat Day

Use your HEAD – Stay clear of drugs!


Friday, 10/26 - Lovinggood/Hillgrove SpiritWear Day

Let’s Team Up Against Drugs!


Monday, 10/29 - Hawaiian Day

Life is SWEET, so LEI off Drugs!


Tuesday, 10/30 - Pink Out

Don’t let Drugs TWIST your thoughts!


Wednesday, 10/31Tacky Tourist/Character Day

Life is A Journey, Travel Drug Free!