[ Soup Labels, Box Tops, Tyson A+ ]  [ Teacher of the Month Award ]


These items fall under the category of "Cash for Trash" and that's exactly what they do for Lovinggood!

  • Last year, LMS PTSA earned over $680 from throw away packaging!!!
  • This money is so very important…it allowed PTSA to give mini-grants to teachers throughout the year.
  • Please ask your family, friends & neighbors to save their BoxTops

Where do I turn in my labels??

There's a Campbell's Soup Label bin in the front lobby of LMS…please deposit any of the aforementioned labels there.


Teacher of the Month Award

The Teacher of the Month program is a monthly award that recognizes teachers who exemplify excellence in education. One teacher per month will be chosen to receive the Teacher of the Month Award.

LMS PTSA is co-sponsoring this program with LMS Administration and our Partners In Education to highlight the positive influence our teachers have on their students. We believe that recognizing our teachers for excellence in teaching is an important component in encouraging high standards and is great way to simply say thank you for all they do to make LMS a great school!

Teachers, faculty, and parents can nominate the teacher that they feel is most deserving of this very special honor. The winner will be selected monthly by the Executive Board of the LMS PTSA and LMS Administrators. The selected winner will receive a certificate of appreciation, a special basket of goodies & coupons from our Partners In Education and other local businesses, and other surprises!

Deadline Date: 15th of each month (or first weekday following the 15th).

Please fill out a nomination form and simply drop it in the red PTSA lock box in the Front Office.

LMS TOM Nomination Form

Individual teachers may be awarded the Teacher of the Month award not more than once each school year.

To designate LMS to receive a donation from using your Kroger card, please see the link below & choose LMS as your school

Please pick up a Publix card in the main office & help LMS out each time you shop